January 16 2020
Hah, I liked that. Let's see how long the next update takes. The website IS still alive, but I really have not done much on it in years! And it still needs that redesign. If it wasn't alive, then it wouldn't be available online. But many things have gone on since then. Like becoming a father. There's less time to do everything.

There's a few new scans and updates to the cartridge section, with Guldkorn Expressen, Terrain and Megapede added due to purchase (and preservation for GameBase64) that have been sitting on my hard drive for ages. Maybe the next update will be before 2022...!

June 28 2009
Wow, it has been a long while, hasn't it? Almost three years to be precise. How time flies. But that's what happens when there isn't much updating to do on the site itself. Just to confirm, this place is NOT dead, but when I own most of the cartridges out there, then there's isn't much new to report!

Naturally the site could do with a bit of a makeover as well, something else I need time and effort to perform. Get rid of the frames and implement those lovely DIVs and a proper stylesheet, bring this baby kicking and screaming into something more modern than 2003 hah hah. In the passing time, a few things have changed and some design has become a little obsolete; almost all my photos are now hosted over at Flickr instead of here to note one point. Other such sections might follow suit. But as long as I'm still in the C64 scene, then this place exists.

Let's see when the next update will be...!

July 03 2006
How time flies eh? Yes I know it's been quite a while since the last update, but I've been busy, especially sorting out a new house, and finally perhaps a chance to move and have my collection on display. In my dreams. Well there's gonna be one room dedicated to stuff at least.

So what's new on the site? Plenty of cartridge related stuff at least. My Swedish friend came through eventually, so there's many new additions and updates to the Handic section for starters. On top of that, we have minor additions to the HES, Silverrock and Scarborough sections. The biggest news though has to be the acquisition of the final two (known) Dinamic carts AMC and Aspar GP Master, AND one of the rarest games known to exist, a Q*bert clone called Block Hopper by Fantasy Software. Go to their sections and check them out!

Since the last update, any readers of Retro Gamer magazine will have seen my Impossible Mission and Activision articles, hope you enjoyed them. With no CGE this year for either US or UK, I am co-organising Eurocon 2006 this year, once again in Blackpool, hope you can join us! And in a couple of weeks time I will be over in the US for the San Diego Comicon, should be a good holiday, maybe I'll post pics of that even though it's not truly game related.

So until next time, whenever that ends up being, take care!

December 24 2005
Been a very long time since a last update, and not very much to show for it! Mainly because I've been busy, a lot of stuff I want I've already got and there's not much happening out there. Cartridge wise the only acquisition has been an unknown MAX machine game called Bowling. Yep, new to us all. Wonder how many more there are out there we don't know about? I was hoping to have some other items by Xmas, but the guy in question is incredibly busy, so hopefully we can sort it out in the new year.

The Events section has been finally updated properly with direct links to photos of several things that happened during 2005, so go take a look if you hadn't seen them already (BIT Live 7, CGE UK and US and Eurocon).

And that's about it. Apart from the news that Retro Gamer went, and has come back under a new publisher (so hopefully I will keep on writing for it whenever), and that I was heavily involved in a project in between called Retro Survival aimed at giving some of the writers of RG who lost out big time when Live went down, some money to pay off debts. There are still copies left to buy, so what are you waiting for?!

Aside from that, everyone have a good Xmas and see you in the new year...

May 22 2005
I guess this update has been quite a while in coming now. Still, that's part of the problem when the amount of content to acrue for it starts approaching the limit. Or in other words, the cartridges bit is not increasing by very much! Still, at least, new items continue to be discovered by people I know, so it doesn't get boring.

In the Cartridges section itself, there's a few new boxes in there such as Miner2049er and Cup Final (Handic version of International Soccer), along with a brand new Mr Computer Product title only known about since end of last year. My sources continue to amaze me in getting new items in!

There's a new interview to peruse over, this time someone a bit more obscure in the way of things. Craig Carmichael, all the way from sunny Vancouver, happened to spot my review of Viking Raider and sent me an email to say hi. So I collared him for some information regarding Interphase in exchange!

Finally there are some photos from the Chicago version of "Game On" present in the Events section. It's quite similar to the UK version, but there's a number of new games, and the Chicago MSI would not allow any M rated games present sadly. It runs until September, so if you are in the area, go visit.

Lastly a reminder about the summer conventions. This time around they are merely a week apart. Firstly there is CGE UK being held on 13th August, and then the following weekend on the 20th and 21st is the original daddy CGE US as well. Expect to hopefully see myself at both these events!

December 31 2004
Well I hope you had a good Xmas there. No rest for the wicked regarding updating websites though. The Eurocon 2004 archive finally gets a proper link from within the Events page on the left there for starters. The big addition to the site for this update is a talk with the creator of Impossible Mission, Dennis Caswell. You can check out what he has to say about his career in the Interview section.

Aside from that, it's the usual small addition of scans for carts, boxes and manuals within the Cartridge section, along with a suitable change in the haves and wants front (which can be found as always in the Collection section). So enjoy and have a good New Year... see ya in 2005!

September 29 2004
Just a quick update to add proper links to the BIT Live 6 photo gallery that is now sitting in the events section. Hope you enjoy and maybe, just maybe, if you really regret not going, possibly consider attending the next Retrovision as Ben Daglish and Mark Knight will be giving an acoustic concert on the Saturday night. And so it rolls on...!

Not much else in the way of adding to the site, a couple of Maxion cart boxes turning up in the cartridges section and a new photo for the collection. Until next time...

August 30 2004
And here we are once again with another quick update now that CGE US is over and everyone has just about recovered. Oh yes, that Digital Press party the Saturday night was a blast, so much so, I don't actually remember some of it! Bloody Centipede piss (an injoke). Thankfully it seems I kept my head whilst many about were losing theirs instead. So I've been told!

First of all, relating to CGE US is that copious photos relating to the event are under the events link on the left. Meantime in and around that, seems that whilst the modern gaming scene goes quiet during summer, it's all gone a bit randomly busy here on the C64 cartridges front. Not only are there new entries in the Romox section, but a new section created for some American educational cartridges by SM Thorpe, discovered by a contact of mine, John Hancock.

Finally there's a few little new entries in the collection photos section, mainly based upon items and signatures acquired during CGE. Tune back once again in a couple of weeks time when the final Back in Time Live event ever happens in London on September 11th. If you haven't been to one before, well this is your last chance to attend and see true C64 legends in action!

August 08 2004
Not a huge amount to update with since last time. That's what comes of the summer months, things slow down, there's less to buy and less things to add here for the moment. Hopefully it will all pick up as the monster temperatures here in the UK start to cool down post August.

The only real prominent item to mention specifically is the coming and going of the inaugural CGE event here in the UK held at Fairfield Halls in Croydon. Seeing as that was only just down the road from me, seemed no real reason not to go visit. After getting on to help with the Gamebase64 stall (of which team I am now a member of btw), spent the weekend playing games, meeting people and buying some stuff. Pictures from the event can be now viewed under the events link on the left.

In other news, there's a couple of new cartridges to look at in the relevant section, and there are plenty of new photos to see in the collection page. As usual the occasional changes have been made to the haves and wants list so take a look to see if you want to buy or have something I need!

Next update won't be too far behind because in two weeks time, it is CGE in the US to which I will be attending...

May 23 2004
Well it's been quite a while since the previous update. Busy, busy, busy... not always working on stuff for here though. Those real life worries and time-consuming necessities are always ready to spring on you when you aren't looking. Still, it's here now so you can enjoy what is going down and available.

The main feature this time around is pretty much the completion of the final expanse into the site; this being the inclusion of manuals (where possible or that aren't huge) to all the cartridge games in the collection. Pretty much brought about by the large increase in site space I have available since moving at the start of the year. So if you've ever wanted to properly know how to play a certain cart game, now's the chance to see for yourself!

Secondary to this is the distinction between box and cart itself; previously it had been one or the other. Now both (where relevant) are featured for each game. All scans overall as well have been increased in size, also a factor of having more space to play with. Hopefully this means a better and more comprehensive look and appreciation for the site!

Most of the usual sections have had a few tweaks and additions to them, too long to go into specific details, but have a look around and see what you can find. A few new carts have been acquired, more dumps taken, and the haves/wants lists are quite a bit different in content to what they were before.

And those of you eagle-eyed enough to spot eBay shenanigans, I now (theoretically as it hadn't been delivered yet) own a copy of possibly the most desirable Vic20 games out there: Ultima - Mount Drash. Expect a pic of that to be added to the site next time around when it is finally in my hands...

January 12 2004
After what seems an eternity, we've back on track once more. James Welch, as helpful as could be, was getting basically fucked over by the people supplying his hosting, and hence after one too many failures, just stopped doing services. Not his fault at all, and I really feel sorry for the guy. He was just at the end of a load of shitty problems that was out of his hands. So now the site is back on new, bigger hosting and hopefully to stay online for longer than it has been before!

The most major things done in the meantime has been to redesign part of the cartridge section. All the (hush hush) files are now available from there, along with a new "icon and click" roster for each title. I will be doing more here in later updates to expand all on the box scans, and probably have separate icons for both box and cartridge scan, rather than one or the other. With the added space, hopefully larger and more detailed scans can be possible!

After that, the other noticable parts are the addition of screenshots and manuals to the section. Everything that can be has had a screenshot added, and a few companies have had manual scans inserted for download too. These will be increased as time goes back and I get more of them. Just be warned, some are quite big, but if you want to know how to play a game properly, well worth spending the time to get them.

What else? The menu bar on the left has two new additions: Events is now a hub for all the reports and photos to do with functions and get togethers such as BIT Live and CGE. The section Interviews will hopefully over time contain some Q&A sessions with people associated with the good old days of the C64 or other. First up, a little side track to someone who may be familiar to Zzap!64 readers in 1987. Click and read!

Content wise things have actually been a bit slow. There are a few new scans to peruse over including Jawbreaker box, Rechtschrieblowe box, and a new proto or two, along with the corresponding files to get hold of. The room tour will hopefully be updated soon as quite frankly, most of it has changed since it was done! Finally the photo section has a couple of new parts to it also. Right, that's it for now and hope you had a good Xmas and New Year...

September 19 2003
Just a quick update to link leftwards to the pictures online regarding BIT Live 5 at Brighton last weekend. Much good fun, plenty of people old and new met, and a concert to die for. Hopefully Chris will get that DVD working and on sale to record for posterity just how marvelous it all was. Pictures do not do it justice at all sadly.

Aside from that, there's one new cartridge added in the guise of Wizard of Wor MAX; an update in the About Me section for photos; a new set of signatures in the photos page; and First Samurai added to download in the links page. Until a proper update next time...

August 17 2003
Many people in the UK were sweating themselves to death in the early part of August. I just so happened to then go to one of the few places on the planet, at the time, which was hotter than back home: Las Vegas. This was to attend my second Classic Gaming Expo, as the first one last year had been so much fun. Time to play plenty of free arcade machines, buy some retro items, and get to talk to friends and "well known" programmers and entities from the business gone by. A temporary page with a selection of pictures is located here if you want to go take a look for yourself.

The weekend before was yet another successful Retrovision get-together hosted by Mark Rayson just for Llamasofties and their friends. It was also a small birthday celebration as mine passed at the end of July. Curry, games, film footage flowed as many people, including Jeff, freaked out trying to play "F-Zero GX" at high speed. Needless to say that game may well result in some more Cubes being sold! My review of the game can be found on the site and is already being commended at various places. Even so far that someone cheekily tried to pass it off as their own at Gamefaqs!

Next month also hosts the next Back in Time Live festival in Brighton. This one is going to be a real doozie, along the same mammoth lines as the first one was. Except besides the personalities turning up, they will also be playing! Press Play on Tape, Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish all hope to perform for your benefit, so get out there and buy a ticket to what could possibly be one of the best concerts ever. And I may well be wandering around helping out running competitions etc but we'll see how that all pans out.

So what is actually new on the site? Well the usual updates to the cartridge section are in order as to be expected. Comal 80, some Commodore/Westermann entries, a few boxes, it's all good stuff as usual. Dumps are where they are to be found. Plenty of new photos from the collection also to be located in the collection link. There are also a couple of new games, Gauntlet 3 original and Entombed, to be downloaded from the links section too. Until next time...

June 23 2003
Ah... it is so good to be back at last. Some of you may well be wondering what on earth happened to this place, some of you (such as Lemon64 readers) will know from way back. But still, here's the recap. Early March, my ISP gets one of those automated bot letters from the IDSA and decides (well actually it was their higherups that did) to pull the plug on the site. No warning, no nothing. I get practically no response from them or help in resolving the matter. So it was a case of tiding things up and getting the site and domain name transfered over someplace else. Which has now finally happened and we are all ready to run once more! Many thanks to James Welch @ Easyred (a C64 fan himself) for help in setting up the new hosting and getting everything configured.

Now just to be on the safe side, the downloads page has been removed. Just in case the IDSA decides to start sniffing around once more. Still it's a small price to pay not to have all those CRT images on easy display. Never fear though, it isn't over till the fat lady sings...

So what's been going on the last 6 months? Well the third successful Retrovision was held by Mark Rayson which just happened to be the best of the lot. Sadly due to certain circumstances, any future RV gigs are likely to be non public, but we can live in hope. BIT Live Germany occured over the weekend just gone, and was a good success I think. The club was small, but never got too packed, the music was good and the competitions fell right into my lap (together with several prizes). It was good to meet lots of people once again, so roll on the one in Brighton in September.

As for the site itself, well things have actually been rather quiet and there isn't a huge amount to update. Been more concerned just getting the damn thing back online! There's the usual mass of additions to the cartridge section, and some more snaps from the collection sitting in the photos page within the collection link. Oh, and there is now a new email address so please direct any future email to mayhem@mayhem64.co.uk instead. Game on!

December 14 2002
The last update before the next year comes around... so what have I got in store for you? Well things have gone a little quiet to be honest. Looking into new content for the site for 2003. In the meantime, you can probably guess what practically dominates proceedings here. A great big bundle of cartridge presents for all! So head over to the cartridge and download sections for more info. A whole different variety of things up for inspection including HES Australia games (compatibility with emulators thanks to Markus Brenner) and a couple of rare ones from Scandinavia.

Since the last update, quite a few things have been going on. I have started to get a bit more involved with Chris Abbott and the C64 Audio website, hopefully do some things here and there and write some stuff about alpha releases (yes, the text is coming Chris!). Llamasoft Mark has now successfully pulled off two Retrovision retro computing gigs up in Oxford. The next one is scheduled as a two-day event in March 2003, so please have a look and come along! And the (probable) chance to meet Jeff "Yak" Minter as well. To stretch my writing talents, I've now been accepted as a writer for the NTSC-UK website, a place dedicated to the importing of games into the UK. A great bunch of people to be found there!

Right, time to sign off for another year... have a good Xmas folks and see ya lot in 2003...

September 08 2002
Game on! As Joe Santulli, editor in chief of Digital Press might say. The latest edition of the Digital Press guide, the #1 book for retro peeps, is now available and ready to amaze. It was my priviledge to have worked on the C64 section for the guide, so thanks to Joe for keeping me around heh. Also on that note, I was over in Las Vegas in early last month for the CGExpo, the world's biggest classic games convention. A lot of new stuff released and bought, whilst some gambling was done to pay some of it off! It was also a chance to meet for the first time, a lot of people I'd met online. Hopefully I should be going back next year as it was a complete blast.

So all that kind of ties into this update. Which is pretty much devoted to those collectable pieces of plastic called cartridges. There are quite a few new additions to the cartridge section, as the quest for perfection continues. Hence the haves/wants are slightly altered as I managed to sell quite a bit at CGE to various people. The one addition of note is a prototype of "Crystal Castles" received from the US. A page devoted to that is available from the cartridge link on the left. The downloads section has undergone a bit of a makeover, which each individual game available separately, rather than in a group. Less time to wait if you only want one program! And lastly there's a new addition to the photos section with some signatures I got over in the US.

On a final note, the Game On exhibition will be leaving the Barbican in a few days time and heading up to Scotland (assuming it isn't flooded there at the mo!). So if you had thought about seeing it, then get along before it disappears!

June 23 2002
Two main pages to introduce this time around. First of all there's a report (with plenty of pictures!) of the Game On exhibition going on at the Barbican. Certainly a lot to see and do there, if not so much to learn. Bound to revive plenty of memories for most people. So go click the menu and read on!

Secondly, thanks to the hard (and seemingly stressed as usual) efforts of Chris Abbott, Back In Time 3 went off very well indeed, and you can view a selection of the images I took courtesy of the link on the left again. The place was heaving for a lot of the time, and caused much alcohol to flow. It was good to see some of the old faces once again, and meet some people who had heard of me, but didn't know what I looked like. Even tried passing Darren Izzard by without him almost recognising me!

As per usual the cartridge page has a couple of new additions, and the downloads section has a few more now I got some of the HES Australia releases sorted. Hopefully I will get the Melbourne House Double Dragon game done very soon into crt format. The haves/wants lists naturally have a few changes too, so please check and email me if there is a deal to be made! Until next time people...

June 01 2002
First I go for the frames option, now welcome to the relaunch of the website. Welcome to Mayhem64!

Geoshitties decided to delete my site on their space at the end of April due to "copyright infringement". Funny thing was I only linked to the files in question, none were actually stored on my site. Still, I guess that made me get off my arse, get some proper webspace and remove the damn adverts at last! So here are the results.

Nothing much has changed, just where to point your browser, making it easier to get to. So what's been done in the 3 months since the last update? Well most of it has been given over to what people have come to expect by now from this place, those cartridges in my collection, cementing it as the #1 place for plug-ins. I recently acquired a number of MAX machine carts, and together with a recent solder job on a C64, am able to dump them out. So there are a substantial number of new v to acquire also.

It's not just MAX carts to look for also. A couple of obscure ones came up from Armchair Entertainment (Australia) and Supersoft (better known for their utilities) courtesy of eBay. Also the Sales cartridge that Commodore distributed in America to demo the machine. A page about that can be found off the cartridges link. Also there is a new feature detailing, in my opinion, the 10 best cartridges you can get for the C64. Agree, disagree? Let me know!

This also means the inevitable changes made to the collection spreadsheet and the haves/wants lists have been updated also to reflect. Please check and email me at the new address if there's anything you need or have to give up.

In 3 weeks time it is Back In Time 3 and I hope to see some of you there. Which of course means an update with photos from the event! There should also be a finalised report of the Game On exhibition I visited, currently running at the Barbican in London.

March 10 2002
Things have been quiet for the website in general, the update is small but powerful nonetheless. First thing to announce is the release of the new Zzap!64 issue, if you did not know already. As someone who was allowed to work on it, may I say it has turned out bloody excellent in the end! Direct your browsers over to the Zzap!64 site and grab a copy. Lo-res version is for viewing online, whilst the hi-res version is for those people (like myself) who have access to a good colour printer for making a hard copy (and it looks great). And here in lies another possible reason for attending Back In Time 3 this year... as there may just be proper professional copies up for sale. More news later if that should come to pass.

So what's going on this site though? Well mainly it's those irrepressible cartridges coming to the fore once more. So dib over to the cartridge page for some pics, including the hard to find Spy Hunter boxed, the Japanese version of Jupiter Lander, and the ultra rare Narco Police. Likewise many of the acquisitions have been dumped and are available for download as usual.

Following a number of substantial purchases and sales, this means the collection spreadsheet and the haves/wants lists have been updated. Please look over them if you are after certain items, or have things to sell, you never know I might want them! Finally a copy of Oil Barons has been added to the links page for download after someone asked for it.

January 27 2002
Well as you can hopefully see, the main aspect of this update is a total redesign of the site! Hopefully the use of frames and more structured links will allow you to navigate better. Something to do over the Xmas period now, in the midst of not much happening on the content front.

So what has also been added? More items have been added to the photo gallery including a picture of the C64GS console I own. No surprise there are a few more scans in the cartridge page along with the corresponding filling out of all the downloads associated with what I own. Look out for a few rare additions next time once they arrive in the post.

The Zzap!64 issue #107 project has now been finished at last! Once Gordo has gone over the issue with a fine-tooth comb and approved it, then it should be available to download sometime in February. Many thanks to being allowed to work on such a fine production and I hope it is received with the same enthusiam that we all put into it. And maybe, just maybe, we will decide to go for another one. But first, we might just have to do that "challenge".

Further into the future, BIT Live 3 has now been announced for June and everything is gearing up for that. Once again it is back at Gossips Nightclub, so expect me there! Will be some new faces including Paul Normal joining us. Head over to the proper Back In Time website for more info.

December 03 2001
Last update of the year I would imagine here, so have fun everyone until the next time. So what's on the menu today? A couple of new items have been added to the photo gallery including an SX-64 machine I've finally found in the UK, and a new entry to the US/UK names list. As usual there have been substantial additions to the cartridge page together in turn with the downloads available too. Finally there's the usual alterations made to the haves and wants lists.

October 15 2001
Well this has been quite a gap since the last update now. Why you may well be wondering. Or not. Still, besides dealing with the crap called life, I had to call a halt to actually put the update out because there was just so much to pack in! Some of this will be carried over until next time, to give you a chance to breathe.

There has been a bit of reorganisation involved, but most of the work has fallen towards what is seemingly the passion of my retro life, getting those lovely C64 cartridges! There is a huge bundle of stuff to look at for all of you out there (and I know there are now!) interested in this side. Go over to the cartridge page, for cartridge scans and downloads. Lots there to see and do! Also more entries added/removed (as applicable) from the haves and wants for those who have needs and stuff to get rid of!

Also at the moment I am involved with the new Zzap!64 project for issue #107 doing various things, so look out for a section on that next time as deadline approaches. Should be interesting for all retro freaks out there...

July 06 2001
Greetings people, been slightly longer than normal between updates, but then, why update when things are quiet?! Hellos to those people who turned up to the second BIT Live experience in London, you can see a photo shoot from it on the BIT Live 2 page. Likewise this means a few extras added to the photo gallery from this get together, mainly of the signature kind.

So what of the usual sections? There have been some scans done of CBS and Spinnaker cartridges acquired in the cartridge page (as well as the reviews), plus they have been dumped and are available in the cartridge download page. Finally due to some tidying up within my room, some of the virtual tour has been reshot to update how it now looks!

May 21 2001
Salutations and hellos to everyone that I met at the Back In Time Live event up in Birmingham on the 16th May. Well this was one top evening and night to be had, just a pity so many people were not able to make it. You can see some of the action and read more about it all on the BIT Live 1 page newly constructed.

The other big new section to announce should excite those emulator freaks out there, as another piece to the cartridge page has been opened up. After showing you my cartridge collection for all this time, now you can actually have to chance to play some of it! The cartridge download section will enable you to obtain some of the best cartridge action for the C64. Most of the files available here have not been available elsewhere before, though over time they will appear elsewhere to download (Lemon, CIA etc). All are compatible with the latest versions of CCS64 and Vice.

In the way of the other sections, there are yet more entries in my personal collection; a few additions to the photo gallery including a signed Musicians Ball article; and the addition of more scans to the cartridge page (as well as the corresponding additions to the reviews). So enjoy!

April 24 2001
So what have I to offer you this time in the way of updates? Besides the usual items you've come to expect, there are two new sections to the collection page now. There is a photo gallery of some of my more valuable possesions, which will no doubt grow as time allows. Also I have put together a virtual tour of my room, to give you an idea of how 1,000 odd original games can be shoe-horned into a small room!

In the way of the existing sections, there are a couple of new entries and a revision for the US/UK names list; more entries in my collection; and the addition of more games to the cartridge page. The collection continues to get bigger and with the recent acquisition of a multicart expander, some should soon by dumped out for use in emulators.

March 26 2001
As much of a housekeeping exercise as actually updating the site. After a few comments from people surfing my site, I have reduced the file size of certain images to speed up loading, most notable on the cartridge and technical pages.

So what has actually been added? A couple of more entries to the US/UK names list; another article about C64 conversion in the technical section; a bigger idea of what I have to sell and want to buy/trade; more entries in my collection. If you want d64 images made of games or to buy/sell items listed, then let me know! Finally the usual updates of some more scans to the cartridge page, including the rare Viking Raider.

March 12 2001
A big update here in a sense this time. Not only has the cartridge section been given a major overhaul with the items broken down into separate pages per publisher (as well as around 30 new scans to view), there is also a new US/UK names list available from the collection page to help those trans-Atlantic trades. This list details some of the name changes between the two countries.

There also has been two new articles added to the technical section giving a run down on various cartridges you can buy for your real C64, and an introductory guide to the main functions the VIC chip can give you. More of these will hopefully be added in the near future when I get the time to type them up!

February 05 2001
Not much of an update, things have been busy and I have been trying to find various technical articles sitting somewhere in the house for putting up on the website (without success so far). So all there is for now are more scans and reviews from the cartridge side of things, and there's plenty more to come in the future. There are plans to develop a completely cartridge only website for the benefit of players and collectors out there, taking it much further than what is currently sitting here. And contributions from outside would be completely welcome. More about that at a later date!

January 08 2001
Hello there everyone. Well I hope you had a good Xmas, the one in my household was the usual gastric debauchery that such celebrationary times seem to induce. And in between playing far too much on the N64, I have scanned some more cartridges I have obtained, and completed the first half of "Project X".

Which is to provide you, the general C64 interested public, with a miniature review guide to my whole cartridge collection. Within the cartridge section you can get a mini review of each game by clicking on the relevant image. You can also access the whole document should you so wish. I hope this is of some use to you people out there. Whether you have a real C64 or just an emulator, it can let you know what games are worthwhile obtaining, either image or real form.

Next in the line is to provide a FAQ similar to the Cartzilla document available for the Vic20. The first draft would be collated by myself, then thrown open for anyone else to fill in the missing parts. This will take somewhat longer, especially as there are so many cartridges to go through in the first place. Something for the future and who knows when that will appear for now.

December 03 2000
So what have I got for you now? A section opening up, with some information and scans about various items I have found that I contributed to magazines. This can be found, unsurprisingly, in the magazines section. My collection has been bolstered by a few more games, including originals of Pirates and Hawkeye on disc. Plus there are a few more scans in the cartridge section as the task of getting boxed versions of lone carts continues. This time, more boxed Commodore releases.

I've also had to clean a fair few downloads out of the system, mainly the singular zips, to make enough room for the next couple of updates as they might be largish, and I'm running out of space on Geocities! Though who knows when the next update will be as I have Majora's Mask, Banjo-Tooie and Mickey's Speedway on N64, and Perfect Dark, IK2000 and Metal Gear Solid on Gameboy to keep me occupied this month and the next! Will have to see. If there is no update before the 25th, have a happy Xmas everyone!

November 24 2000
Been a bit of a while since I've updated this now. Been planning a new section which should be introduced in the next update. I've also been occupied on other matters besides the C64 now! There's a new game added to the links section, called Stryker in the Crypt of Trogan, a pretty hard to find game by Codemasters. There are some more updates in the cartridge collection scans page, with a couple of very rare games turning up on my doorstep. Finally, a new article for Retrogamer has been written, all about Impossible Mission and it's sequel.

November 03 2000
Okay so what do we have here to delight and amaze you with this time? Well there is a new section opened up, detailing some of the times I had working freelance for Oracle Teletext. There is a brief history of how I came to be involved; a few scans of letters I received and sent out regarding reviews; and a list of the games I reviewed with the scores I gave them. I have also updated the cartridge scans section, since more have been obtained since when the pictures were done. Expect some scans of disc and tape games soon.

October 27 2000
A small update, to add some more web sites to the links page, I hope the owners of those listed will be gracious enough to give me a link back from their site. I have also added 3 new games to the archive: Brian Clough's Football Fortunes (now you just have to find the board, counters, money etc), Double Dragon 2 and Super Sunday. The next update should include some things about my time working for Oracle Teletext many years ago, and some more music when I decide what to base the next collection upon.

October 23 2000
A new update here, and a new page to detail what has been added to the site in this update. Not as big as I had hoped because I have been very busy working out on site for my job, so real life intrudes here! There are five new games on the links page to get hold of; four are dumps of Ocean cartridges, and the other is the superb shooter Enforcer, basically Katakis 2. There is an update in my personal collection file as well as new items for buying, trading and selling. If there are any games out there you would like but can't find it on the net (or the copies available don't work like Blackwyche) then check out my games list and see if I have it, then send me a mail and I might be able to make an image to go on the site! Finally there is another selection of 10 SIDs to download and play in the Top 10 page. Hopefully next update should have some more music to download and some more tech articles if I can find the info back here at home...

September 02 2000
Well the launch of the new site in general. I decided to turn my website away from being a personal type information blast into something detailing the huge popularity of the best home computer ever made, the Commodore 64. I hope you enjoy the site. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated! More will be added later as I get the time and dig some things up to write about, such as my reviewing days with Oracle Teletext (screen print scans will be done when I find them) and meeting various Zzap!64 personages at computer shows.