Ming the Merciless aka Mark Rayson was your random host for the evening in between Ben's bits. At the mike.
  Which were handled with the usual gusto and aplom, and plenty of witty remarks and ad-libs.
  Press Play on Tape kicked off proceedings for the evening and rocked the house as us listeners have been accustomed to over the years.
  Playing not a Martin Galway composition (the in-music to Roland's Rat Race was a cover of one of his singles).
  Ben and Mark Knight get on stage for Monty on the Run.
  Ben gives it up for Mark during the infamous solo sequence at the end!
  PPoT are not Kraftwerk. So they say.
  Belting out a version of Trauma's fabulous Pumpkin remix.
  The Rob Hubbard appreciation society was out in force.
  The C64 Mafia get down with some Breakdance rap.
  And... yes... well... that was great says Ben!
  Most people may have now wondered what was going on. These were the newbies to the show, Visa Roster, formed by well-known remixer Pex Tufvesson (in the grey suit).
  On the menu were plenty of acapella renditions, some of which were known from RKO (Sweet, Comic Bakery) and some new to proceedings. All were utterly brilliant and I think, despite people's doubts, they really pulled it off well.
  Hanna takes the lead vocals during Comic Bakery.
  Each lady had at least one solo moment during the performance. This is Karin standing up to the plate. And for the record, they were all very nice indeed heh.
  Visa Roster come to terms with their new found fame as scores of people flock to buy their CD and have them signed.
  Well you can't really resist an opportunity like that now!
  Final act of the night was Stuck in D'Eighties, with Jon Hare of Sensible Software taking over bass duties at short notice (he had one day practice!).
  Jamming in down during the Paperboy/Arcade Classics funk. No audience wandering by Mark this time, that was saved for later.
  Visa Roster joined on stage to provide vocal backing during Spellbound.
  To me? To you! Rasputin gets going in a cossack way.
  Fame at last. Mark goes wandering, Swedish women throw themselves at him and all is once again normal as another BIT Live ends and everyone goes home happy. And drunk.