Press Play on Tape, Ben, Rob and Mark Knight start hammering out Monty on the Run in rehearsal.
  Ben has lots of fun singing Day-o Day-o in tune to Deflektor!
  The calm before the storm...
  Stuck in the Eighties, comprising of Ben Daglish, Marcel Donne, Reyn Ouwehand, Mark Knight and Andreas Wallstrom, leap into action.
  Everyone expects some visuals to appear behind... and then don't!
  Ben introduces Rob on the keyboard.
  Rob plays through some of his famous and not-so-famous tracks to rapturous applause after each song.
  Press Play on Tape, all dressed identically, launch into Hypaball/Mission AD remix. Frey Gray is stunned by the performance, and five seconds after this, the floor is attacked by a wealth of moshers!
  The band launch into the mechnical number that is Bionic Commando and then proceed to head on into level 1...
  ... by letting dance fill the speakers and doing the moshing themselves!
  No performance from now on is going to be complete without a rendition of the Backstreet Boysesque Comic Bakery singing.
  Post set, PPoT are joined by Ben, Rob and Mark Knight on stage and kick off with Auf Wiedersehen Monty. Cue mad dancing once more!
  And even more...!
  After Ark Pandora's Trousers and Master of Magic, the concert is finished off with Monty on the Run. Cue more mania and our bobblehatted friend doing his solidarity fist pose once more.
  Things got quite hectic towards the end, hopefully some of this will be captured on the DVD coming out.
  Mark Knight in full flow during the end violin solo, as the piece and the concert accelerated to a frentic climax. Time to rest, recuperate and keel over... see you next time!